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Token Issuance

Once the Token Creation process has been completed and the tokens have been approved they will be available for issuance. To issue your token, simply press the issue button.

There are two different types of issuance one can chose from.

  • standard issuance → token will be available in an open sale on the market place

  • direct issuance → token will be directly issued to an individual

If you chose the direct issuance option you will have to put in the ID of the receiver, the amount of tokens you want to issue and you can add a memo.

Be aware that once a direct issuance has taken place it can not be taken back and the recipient cannot decline the tokens issued.

That being said, making a mistake and issuing the token to the wrong person is very unlikely since the ID consists of a string of 12 random characters.

If you chose the option of standard issuance you will have to provide a number of information:

  • Token Sale Name

  • Start Date - Cannot lie in the past

  • End Date - Cannot be over 75 years in the future

  • Token Price and Currency - has to be greater than 0

  • The amount of tokens to issue

  • Minimum Investment and Currency - smallest currency or token that an investor has to purchase

  • Minimum Required Funding and Currency -

  • Summary- short summary of the sale

Once the Information is put in and the sale is created it will be available in the market place.

In the market place the token can now be purchased by either clicking on invest immediately or by pressing the ‘see more’ button and viewing more information first.

If you decide to invest in a token you will have to give the amount of money or token you want to invest and the application will automatically fill in the other field respectively.

Then you have to confirm that you understand the risks before the investment can be finalized.

As seen in the picture to the right you can now see more information on the token sale.

If you require more information on the token itself you can look at the Due Diligence Documents and Disclosures the Issuer has provided, once they are approved by the Chintai compliance team.


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