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Security Practices

Make sure you follow the simple security steps to keep your Chintai account safe and protect yourself from fraud.

Protect your funds
  • Monitor transactions: Regularly review your transactions for any anomalies.

  • Immediate response: Should you find unauthorized transactions, freeze your account, and report the incident promptly to Chintai User Support.

  • Secure transactions. Conduct all financial transactions over secure, private networks, avoiding public Wi-Fi or using a trusted VPN for added security.

Account security
  • Keep your account private: Always set up and manage your account yourself. Do not delegate this task to anyone else.

  • Unique username: Choose a unique username that's hard for others to guess, and avoid reusing usernames from other sites.

  • Strong password: Create a strong, long (at least 12 characters, at least 1 special symbol, number, lower and upper case letters) and unique password.

  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA): Enabling 2FA is mandatory for using the Chintai platform.

Email security

If someone breaks into the email associated with your Chintai account, they may be able to obtain your username, reset your password and withdraw money from your account. Here are the best practices to keep it safe.

  • Dedicated email: Set up a dedicated email for Chintai platform and use a unique password.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Enable 2FA on your email and avoid SMS-based options.

  • Phone numbers: Remove them from your email account for added security.

  • Regular checks: Monitor your email settings and activity.

Scam awareness and response
  • General awareness: Beware of phishing and other scam tactics:

    • Message scams: Suspicious emails or texts promising rewards or alarming you to act.

    • Package scams: Notifications about pending deliveries requiring personal information.

    • Investment scams: Offers of high returns with little risk.

    • Call scams: Unsolicited calls requesting personal or account details.

    • Marketplace scams: Fraudulent deals on goods or services online.

  • Respond to suspicious activity:

    • Immediately freeze: Suspend your account at the first sign of unusual activity.

    • Report: Immediately alert Chintai and the relevant authorities.

    • User support: Use Chintai's help channels for any concerns

Device security
  • Device password: Set a strong passphrase and use biometric authentication where available.

  • Update your device: Keep your operating system up to date.

  • Personal access: Don’t share access to your devices, particularly those used for 2FA.

  • Remote access: Refuse requests for remote access; Chintai Support will never ask for such permissions.

  • Public/work devices: Avoid signing in to personal accounts on shared or work devices.

Other technical measures
  • API key security: Secure API keys as they programmatically grant access to your Chintai account. Restrict their use, review permissions regularly, and revoke them when they're no longer needed.

  • Router security: Change the default router password on your router to a complex, unique phrase.

  • WiFi security: Make sure your WiFi is secured with a strong password, separate from your router's.

  • Public WiFi caution: Prefer mobile data to public WiFi or use a reliable VPN if necessary.

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