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Secondary Market Trading

How do I deposit/withdraw tokens from Chintai

Deposits or withdrawals from Chintai are going to depend on the asset that you are attempting to deposit or withdraw. Fiat currencies such as USD will be deposited via bank transfer, and withdrawals can be made to whitelisted bank accounts. Digital assets can be deposited or withdrawn from other blockchain systems, and the mechanism will depend on the specifics of those systems

What is the difference between advanced and simple exchange on Chintai

The simple exchange is an automated market maker system, meaning that trading via the simple exchange does not require a counterparty to your transaction. Every trade you make in the simple exchange will be fulfilled immediately, at the current fair market rate.The advanced exchange will give a lot more information and options and is intended for use by professional traders or sophisticated investors. In the advanced exchange you can see how assets have changed over time, and make orders with advance settings such as conditions under which your order will be activated or cancelled

How can I purchase tokens from Chintai marketplace?

You can purchase tokens from the Chintai marketplace using fiat currencies, but first you must deposit the currencies in our platform. To do that, you can go the your balances, and choose the "deposit" button. From the drop down list, choose the fiat currency of your choice and follow the instructions. After you have completed a bank transfer, the tokens will be added to your wallet, and then you can use them to invest in other tokens via the marketplace.

How are token prices determined?

During a token sale, the token prices are determined by the token issuer. However, when a token is trading on the exchanges, then the token price is determined by the free market.

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