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Chintai Community

Who are the main team members?

David Packham, Founder

David founded Chintai in 2018 to promote the adoption of compliant digital assets that utilise blockchain technology to modernise capital markets for banks, asset managers, and SMEs.  A financial industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in banking, finance and asset management with leading banks including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Barclays Wealth and HSBC Global Asset Management. 

David also served on the Board of Advisors to several Singapore start-ups, including Credify Inc and Worbli, and Treasurer on the Board of Trustees for deafPLUS, an organisation championing iIntegration and equality between deaf and hearing people in all areas of life. David graduated from the City University of London in MSc Business Systems Analysis & Design and a Bachelor in Business Economics from the University of Exeter. 

Ryan Bethem, Founder
Inspired by the disruptive power of blockchain technology in the global financial system, Ryan co-founded Chintai to promote financial inclusion. Armed with a Masters in Psychology, Ryan has created a unique talent management programme to ensure a humanistic corporate culture for the new economy. Prior to Chintai, Ryan was a certified and licensed Psychotherapist in California, USA and managed clinical programs for inpatient dual diagnosis treatment in a residential setting.

Ryan earned a  Masters in Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Bachelors degree at the University of Oregon in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics. He is also an avid surfer.

Phillip Hamnett , Founder

Phillip Hamnett is responsible for the architecture of Chintai’s state-of-the-art blockchain platform and product development based in Frankfurt, Germany. Before founding Chintai, he was a Project Leader for Airbus at Philotech Group, a leading engineering and consultancy company in the aviation industry. Trained as a physicist, Phillip was involved in a research project on new fundamental particles in Hamburg, handling big data sets from the Large Hadron Collider. His academic contribution can be found in the Journal of High Energy Physics and The European Physical Journal. Phillip graduated with a Master’s Degree in Physics from The University of Manchester. 

Does the team have a background in financial services?

Yes. They have worked for some of the largest asset managers and banks globally.

What other skills does the team bring to the table?

Our diverse backgrounds are a major asset. It enables us to bring fresh perspectives, avoid dogma, generate a creative environment, maintain an exciting working culture and challenge one another from a multitude of angles.

How can I reach out to the Support team for an individual questions/queries?

You can contact us through our Contact us page on the website: , or if you are interested to see how our product work or want to learn more about that, you can also reach out through the ‘Request for a demo’ button, you can find this on our Home page, or any of our Solution pages. We will get back to your requests as soon as we can.

Can I send USDT from Poloniex to Chintai?

Not right now, we will be adding support for USDT and other ERC20 tokens in the near future.

Here we welcome readers with feedbacks and suggestions. If you have any unanswered questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to click the ‘Contact Support’ button on the navigation bar. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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