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Chintai Automatic Market Maker (AMM)

What is an automated market maker?

An automated market maker (AMM) is the underlying protocol that powers all decentralised exchanges (DEXs). Simply put, they are autonomous trading mechanisms that eliminate the need for centralised exchanges and related market-making techniques. Instead of using an order book like a traditional exchange, assets are priced according to a pricing algorithm.

Chintai’s AMM utilises an updated mathematical formula that is different and unique from the rest of the market. It is specially built to ease user’s mind on hard calculations on exchanges between traded currencies. This in turn results in a one-stop automated function to trade any 2 different currencies.

How can I add a token on AMM?

Please contact a member of the Chintai team here to discuss adding a token to the AMM.

How are fees calculated when trading tokens?

Fees are split according to whether you are a market maker, or a market taker. A market maker is someone who adds more liquidity to the existing marketplace, whereas a market taker is someone who removes liquidity. Typically, fees for being a market taker are slightly higher than the fees for market makers, and a full list of fees can be found here

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