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Chintai API

How can we access the Chintai API?

To access Chintai API, you must be registered at Chintai and have a company profile. To learn more about getting started with our API, visit our documentation.

Who can access the Chintai API?

At the moment, only registered company users through Chintai platform are able to access our API.

How can I test against the API without affecting live data?

Please contact our support team so we can provide you with our API Sandbox Demo or base URL to use in production environment.

Where can I test Chintai API?

We do not provide execution of API calls through our documentation, for testing purposes we recommend using Postman.

What format are the requests and responses in?

Chintai API uses REST with requests and response payloads formatted as JSON.

Are there any restrictions on the number of API keys?

There are no restrictions on the total number of keys, but for safety reasons we recommend only using one key that should be treated as any other secret.

How are API keys secured within the Chintai Platform?

Keys are stored salted and hashed in the Chintai platform for security.

How can I get developer support?

Use the bug tool on our platform to file issues or email us on

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