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All about Chintai

What is Chintai?

Chintai is a Singapore-based Fintech company established in 2019 that utilises blockchain technology to modernise capital markets for banks, financial institutions and asset managers. Our institutional-grade digital asset platform removes inefficiencies throughout the lifecycle of traditional financial assets, such as shares, real estate, bonds, debt and more. 

Chintai’s product suite includes dynamic Issuance, automated compliance, reporting, data reconciliation, cap table management, automated corporate actions, liquidity, instant settlement and more. The end-to-end solution offers traditional finance companies a one-stop platform with a robust automated compliance engine powered by our proprietary solution Sentinel-AI. This platform also caters to boutique-sized Independent Asset Managers or Family Officer by providing a competitive edge to intensify their growth with blockchain technology. 

What is the meaning of “Chintai”?

Chintai is a Japanese term known as “rent”. The platform started as a marketplace for utility token to be exchanged amongst the developers and programmers. 

What problems does Chintai address?

Problem summary:

  • The value chain of traditional regulated assets is bloated with inefficiencies, unnecessary intermediaries and redundant manual processes.

  • This includes manual reconciliation of duplicated data sources, manual handling of corporate actions, burdensome compliance requirements, illiquidity and more.

  • As a result, issuers absorb unnecessary upfront costs: restrictive entry, anti-competitive markets, SMEs lack access to capital, burdensome administrative costs post-issuance.

  • Commercial real estate (CRE) suffers similar administrative costs and lacks liquidity (most CRE in private, opaque markets): restrictive markets and long settlement times.

How does Chintai solve the problems they address?

Solution summary:

  • Compliant digital assets issuance and comprehensive product suite that removed inefficiencies within the value chain of regulated assets.

  • Automate middle/back office administrative overhead, eenablingon-chain secondary markets. Automated cap table management and corporate actions

  • Automated compliance, transaction monitoring and reporting

  • Fractionalisation of illiquid assets (CRE) enables highly liquid markets: reduced settlement time and democratised access to investment capital.

  • Easy integration and testing with institutional Issuance and investor portal: run in parallel to existing systems on testnet until ready for full integration.

Where does Chintai see itself in the next 5 years

We see ourselves as a leading technology provider for regulated Issuance. Accenture recently performed an in-depth study that yielded the following results: Among the 8 banks they studied, applying DLT would save $8bn on a $30bn cost basis. OWe planto provide institutions with a simple way to access these savings. In the long run, our clients can be their own marketplace/issuer (white label issuance, secondary and compliance). We also aim to develop an interoperable compliance framework for digital assets. This means issuers can easily apply compliance controls to their Issuance, including automating cross border compliance post-issuance.

What are important upcoming short-term milestones?

Some of our main goals are closing our investment round, securing the CMS and RMO license with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In November 2021, we are in the process of onboarding the first major institutional clients and establishing a few exchange listings of these tokens.

We opened our Singapore office in September 2021 with key hires in Marketing, Sales and Compliance. In December 2021, our Frankfurt technology hub moves into a new office in Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage.

How to contact us for a demo?

please go to this page:

Are you having trouble finding anything?

please go to this page: and we will answer answer your questions shortly

Who can participate in the Chintai platform?

Both businesses and individuals

How to contact us?

Please contact us through here:

Here we welcome readers with feedbacks and suggestions. If you have any unanswered questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to click the ‘Contact Support’ button on the navigation bar. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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